2017 Shoot & Share contest results // Jordan Edens Photography

The 2017 Shoot and Share contest was a roller coaster of anticipation and excitement! First of all narrowing your absolute FAVORITE photos of the year down to fifty is a challenge all on its own, but then voting and patiently (or not so patiently) waiting to see how your photos did, ROLLER COASTER! I am pretty excited with my results for the year and very excited with the inspiration and talent I saw in the competition!

Some of my photos did better than others in the contest, 3 placed in the top 30%, 5 placed in the top 20%, 3 placed in the top 10%, and one photo was a finalist and made it to the final round of voting! As I look through these top finishers I am delighted as I see a cohesiveness that is representative of my brand and carefully curated style. Enjoy :)

2017 Results!

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